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Remove "Author" and "Date" from Drupal Blog Posts

posted May 22, 2013, 5:01 AM by Warren Howard   [ updated May 22, 2013, 5:03 AM ]
Recently I undertook to remove the "Author" and "Date" line from Blog entries for a Drupal 6 site. I ended up taking the path of a Google search to learn more about this and came up with these search results.
  1. Snipplr - Remove Usernames Blog Link from Drupal Blog Posts
  2. Controlling what link items goes in the $links variable on node.tpl.php
  3. Remove 'Shawn's Blog' From Posts.

Reading through all these posts and trying out different things took quite some time so I've summarize what I feel are the important lessons in the hope of saving you time and effort.

1. If removing the "Author" and "Date" line from Blog post is all you want to do then it is really simple. As mentioned here all you need to do is log in as a Drupal administrator for your site and go to Administer -> Site building ->Themes -> Global settings and deselect "Blog entry" in the "Display post information on" list.

2. Should you need to start making changes beyond this, then before you start adding code snippets (like those described in the links above) to you theme's template.php file, please read About overriding themable output and install the Theme developer" module. It will make life much easier and help you to see clearly why the code snippet is or (as in my case) is not working for you.

For me it turned out that in conjunction with removing the check box in "Themes / Global settings" all I needed to do was copy my theme's node.tpl.php to new file called node-blog.tpl.php in the same location and make the edits there. The "Theme Developer" module showed me the answer in seconds.

Original post written and posted on Sun, 2011/01/02 - 05:01